(January-February 1999)

1/17/99: Brent is 6 months old!

looking cool Bath time!!

sitting up -- WITHOUT the boppy! (2/9/99)

(March 1999)

happy boy (3/10/99)

imitating Grandpa

Handsome boy in his cute new outfit! at a friend's birthday party

(April-May 1999)

Easter (4/4/99): Brent loved playing piano even then (and still does!)

able to get to hands and knees (4/7/99)

Grandma Karla and Grandpa Dick's April visit

4/17/99 (9 months old)
Brent finally figured out how to roll onto his tummy on 4/16. Then he could get anywhere!

getting into the cats' food! our own in-house composer

fun with food! crawling on the lawn

At the Teahouse -- he's starting to look like a little boy instead of a baby.

Brent having a ball at playgroup Brent and his daddy

(June 1999)


Getting into Mischief (he still does this, only with more gusto!)

11 months old. Cruising behind the futon!

Father's Day picnic

(July 1999)

Bath time is fun

Rocky Mountain National Park 07/12/99-07/15/99

In July 99 we took Brent to Estes Park, gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park, for a celebration of our 8th anniversary.

On the 12th we had a picnic then went for a couple short hikes in the Park with Brent in a rented backpack carrier. (Even at 18 pounds, he gets heavy quick!) He seemed to enjoy being in the carrier, and relaxed so much he fell asleep!

On the 13th (our anniversary) we did some sightseeing in Estes Park. Brent really enjoyed pushing his stroller down the path next to the creek!

One year old!

Brent still loves his rescue rider that he got for his first birthday!
diving into the recycling bin

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