Making hand and foot castings of Brent (from 1998-1999)

While my parents were here in March, we finally got to make their Christmas present from Brent: a casting of his hand and foot. Here are pictures of how we did that -- some are from December when we made the set for his other grandparents.

We used "Body pARTs" "LifeCast" kits for this. [As of 5/30/04, the website they used to have isn't running anymore, and I don't know if they have a new site.] (We are not connected with the company, just enjoyed using the product.)

First, we mixed the casting material, and put Brent's hand (or foot) into it. (This is a multi-person project! And with babies like Brent, you have to do it when they are asleep!)

Here are the ready to be poured-into molds for his hand and foot.

After pouring in statuary cement, we waited an hour, then started to peel the casting material away to reveal the castings. Here come the foot and hand! (from the December casting)

Grandma and Grandpa hold the finished hand and foot castings (from the March casting).

We had a lot of fun with this, and would recommend it to anyone!