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 Halloween 1999

For Halloween I was a bumblebee. Mom and Dad made the costume for me. On the Friday before, they have a big party at HP where Daddy works. The first picture is from there (I got tired of the hat!) The next one is from Halloween afternoon when we had lunch with friends who just HAD to see me in my costume. Then we went trick-or-treating! Mom and Dad didn't let me get any candy, but we went to all the neighbors that we know and showed off how cute I was. I am the cutest bumblebee that ever did live!







November in Colorado

This sculpture is by the Senior Center in Longmont.

Walking with Mama.
(And carrying Daddy's Dr. Pepper for him!)

Grandma and Grandpa come to visit!!!

Grandma Karla and Grandpa Dick came to visit in mid-November. Boy did we have fun! These are some of my favorite pictures from their visit.


My shoe is almost as big as Daddy's!


I was NOT thrilled with going out in the first snowfall of the year. (I'm sure I'll have more fun next time when I can play with my cool new sled [from Uncle Joe and Aunt Sharon]!)


Ready to sled! Where's the snow?
(Note: As of March 5, 2000, we still have not gotten any appreciable snow since the snow in the previous picture!)

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