Birth and Early Days

At Children's Hospital

4 days old (7/21) Snoozing on Daddy

Brent's favorite way of being calmed down when mad

Daddy holding Brent (Mama thinks this picture is really cute :-)

finally home (8/11/98)

Aunt Kathy and Brent (whose hair sure looks the same color as hers here!)

Brent's Baptism (8/30/98)

Front row: our Goddaughter (daughter of Godparents), 2nd row: Daddy's Aunt Chi (Pastor Corinne's mom), Pastor Corinne (cousin of Daddy) holding son of Godparents, Grandma Dotty, Mama holding Brent, Grandma Karla, 3rd row: Godmother Nancy, Aunt Kathy, Grandpa Wray, Daddy, Grandpa Dick, 4th row: Godfather Steve.

One of Mama's favorite pictures of Brent. (9/18)


Brent's first airplane ride: To Seattle (10/1-10/4)

The cougar on the branch -- used to be One of Brent's favorite sleeping positions...

The family feet

Happy boy


sharing a laugh with Dad Holding hands with Mom



Hand and foot casting project

Family picture, 12/28/98

(January 1999)

Learning how to sit up. 1/15/99 1/17/99: Brent is 6 months old!

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