June/July 2000

 Food is just SO much fun!


Fruit smoothie

Corn on the cob

Bagel and cream

Life cereal just like Dad's!

Nutella toast

 Cute pictures of Brent

They are so sweet when they are sleeping!

Goofing around in his high chair

 Those are upside down, silly!

 Looking spif with his argyle socks

  A day at the zoo

¨ petting a goat

that's a big donkey Æ

 Birthday party at daycare

Brent and another friend at daycare had a joint birthday party in early July.


in the pool



Ms. Marnie


and his buddy Anthony

Breckenridge trip

For our anniversary and Brent's birthday, we took a weekend trip to Breckenridge.
On the way we stopped in Silver Plume to see the Georgetown loop train -- Brent loved it!

 He also loved the pool in the resort we stayed in.
(at the moment there is also a movie of this accessible from the main page)

 He was quite enthralled with the ski jet and motorcycle in the game room.


On a walk through downtown Breckenridge we met some puppies and found a slide on a huge boulder.

A view from downtown.

We rented bikes in Dillon and biked (at altitude!) along one side of the reservoir -- beautiful scenery, eh?

Brent snoozing on the way home

Brent at Little Gym on his birthday

Having a great time in our backyard (red wagon and tractor/loader are birthday presents)

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