Brent's photo album ...

Welcome to Brent's page! Because so many of our friends and family are so far away, we've created a little photo album for him here... Each section has the best pictures from a roll or two. Just click on the thumbnails of the pictures you want to see larger!

My favorite pictures from
his first 6 months...
6 months to a year...

Minnesota trip
September 99
September/October 99 (including trip to Seattle)
October-December 99

January 2000, and our Caribbean Cruise!!!
February and March 2000

March and April 2000

May 2000

Grandma and Grandpa's June 2000 visit

June/July 2000 (including BIRTHDAY!)

The following are unedited at the moment (6/12/02)
Pictures from Brent's trip to Minnesota to meet his cousin Tyvan
Disk 1
Disk 2
Disk 3
Disk 4


QT = Quicktime format (better quality, sound; may not work on Windoze);
AVI = a format that supposedly works on Windoze (but does not include sound and is not as smooth).
Non-Mac users: If you are able to get the right Quicktime plugin for your PC to make the QT work, you'll probably like it better.

07/30/00 Jumping into the pool (Breckenridge) (QT 1.12M) (AVI 935K)
07/30/00 Playing with one of his loaders (QT 1.77M) (AVI 1.84M)

Happy Birthday, Grandpa!

(I am always in the process of cleaning up the site (deleting older pictures, etc.); if you find any images that don't load, please email me.)