On 1/22/00, we went on a cruise in the Western Caribbean with our friends Helen and Sid. This was a last minute trip, but the itinerary was great!

Brent enjoyed himself immensely. Here he is helping us get unpacked, and then at dinner the first night with Helen and Sid.

 Night shot of our ship, the Carousel.
1/23/00 First port: Cozumel, Mexico


We had time that afternoon to roam around on board.

They had many midnight buffets, though we only made it to the first one (in shifts!): The chocoholics buffet!

That evening was the captain's reception before dinner, so we all got dressed up.


The next morning on board en route to Honduras


Brent loved playing in the pool.
Second port: Puerto Cortez, Honduras
  Tuckered out after a long day

1/25/00: Breakfast up on deck next day

Third port: Roatan Island, Honduras

 Ocean sunset

1/26/00: Brent giving new meaning to "rearranging the deck chairs" :-) (He did this the entire trip!)  
Fourth port: Grand Cayman Island

1/27/00 Fifth port: Jamaica

1/28/00 Sixth day: At sea

1/29/00 Flying home

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