• Independent Components Analysis

  • This guide walks you through the process of conducting a group ICA analysis on resting-state data using FSL's Melodic tool. Posted on 02/22/14.

  • Dual Regression

  • The second part of the ICA guide uses an FSL utility, Dual Regression, to look at group/individual differences in the resting-state networks that were generated in Melodic. Posted 07/07/15.

  • Plotting Brain Connectivity Matrices

  • A review of some ways to turn text format connectivity matrices into nice looking graphics that are easier to understand. Posted 09-23-14.


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  • Research Tools

    • R Studio - open source statistical analysis environment
    • Byword - A simple OSX markdown editor. I use this to take notes and write my guides. Markdown syntax is simple to write but can be easily converted to other useful formats later (pdf, html).
    • Mendeley - document management with a particular focus on academic PDFs
    • Bootstrap - open source html and css framework for nice looking websites (used to create this site)
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