The Healy/Bourne Lab

Meetings during Fall 2008 will be held


from 12:00 - 1:00

in Muenzinger D214


Talk Schedule


August 27: Lyle Bourne, Bill Raymond - Practice for MURI Annual Meeting

September 3: Carolyn Buck-Gengler - Practice for MURI Annual Meeting

September 10: Lyle Bourne and Alice Healy - Practice for MURI Annual Meeting; Sign-up for upcoming semester's talks

September 17: David Sherwood (integrative physiology department) - "Does Order Matter? Contextual Interference Effects in Rapid

September 24: Shaw Ketels

October 1: Brad Best

October 8: Eliana Colunga

October 15: Dusty Young

October 22: Bill Raymond - "Lexical, syntactic, and semantic influences on count-mass preferences in teenagers and adults"

October 29: Vicki Schneider - "Effects of Presenting Navigation Instructions Twice in the Same or Different Modalities"

November 5: Peter Polson - "Predicting training time for tasks performed using computers: A summary of 25 years of research" CENTER FOR RESEARCH ON TRAINING

November 12: Psychonomics posters

November 19: Keith Lohse

November 26: Fall break/Thanksgiving - No meeting

December 3: Sona Dimidjian (clinical psychology program) CENTER FOR RESEARCH ON TRAINING

December 10: James Kole

December 17: Elger Abrahamse (University of Twente, NL)


Schedules from prior semesters


Spring 08 Summer 08

Fall 07 Summer 07 Spring 07

Fall 06 Summer 06 Spring 06

Fall 05 Summer 05


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