Alice F. Healy, Director

William D. Raymond, Assistant Director

The primary goal of the Center is to construct a theoretical and empirical framework that can account for and make accurate predictions about the effectiveness of different training methods over a large range of tasks, including military, industrial, vocational, and academic tasks. The ability to predict the outcomes of different training methods on particular tasks will, as a natural by-product, point to ways to optimize training outcomes.

The Center provides a mechanism to interact with industry, government agencies, and educational institutions to produce guidelines relevant to their training needs. The Center also provides an opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students and for visitors from other universities and non-academic institutions to gain hands-on experience in experimental methodology, predictive modeling, and state-of-the-art principles of effective training.

The Center operates within both the Psychology Department of the College of Arts and Sciences and the Institute of Cognitive Science (ICS)of the Graduate School of the University of Colorado.