How to Become a TA for PSYC 1001



  • instructor permission
  • 16 hours of Psychology courses completed with at least a 3.3 GPA

Things to Know:

  • You’ll be leading your own recitation once a week.  In addition, you’re required to attend the primary instructor’s lectures.
  • The total time commitment required is typically 12-15 hours per week.  It’s a lot of work, but it’s also great experience, particularly if you think you might be interested in a career that involves teaching.
  • Since you won’t be enrolled in the class you’re TA’ing, you have to check your own schedule to make sure there’s no time conflict.
  • You will receive three hours of upper-division, letter-graded credit for PSYC 4911, Teaching of Psychology.

The Process

  1. Come by the Psychology advising office (MUEN D-243) and pick up a copy of the yellow form entitled “APPLICATION FOR TEACHING OF PSYCHOLOGY.”  (It’s located in the spinner rack in the corner.)
  2. Fill out the form and take it to the instructor you want to TA for.  If the instructor agrees to let you serve as a TA, he/she will initial the form.
  3. Return the form to me, your advisor, and I will enroll you in PSYC 4911 (Teaching of Psychology).
  4. At some point, the instructor should contact you to work out the details, including the recitation section you’ll be assigned to.  Get in touch with the instructor if you haven’t heard from him/her by the end of the semester before the term in which you’ll serve as a TA.

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