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Professor: Matthew Keller
Office Hours: Tue 1:30-3:30
Class Time: Wed 9am-noon
Class Location: ATLAS 200
Course Syllabus

Welcome! This is the class website for Psych 5541, but in the open-source spirit of R, we are allowing others from around the world wide web to use it too! If you have questions, email me and I'll try to respond. To do the class on your own, I recommend:
1) working through each of the lecture/homeworks in order
2) taking a look at any powerpoints that correspond to lectures if the exist
3) taking a look at the "How To" student-written manuals if you want to know how to do a specific topic.
Note that the first four lectures serve as a quick-course, covering all the basics of statistics in R very quickly. The rest of the lectures cover R programming in more depth. There is some (intentional) redundancy. Hope you enjoy!

Internal Links:
Lectures & Homework
Helpful files

External Links:
Main R Page:
Download R & R Packages:
Description of R Packages:
Official R Wiki site:
R Mailing List signup:
R Search engine:
Excellent R statistics & graphics website:
Another good graphics website:
Excellent website devoted to SAS/SPSS/Stat users who want to learn R:
Psychometrics in R (free special issue of Journal of Statistical Software):
Commercial support for R:

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