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Is there something wrong with the pattern flags ?

Servus !
In addition to my previous mail regarding pattern flags I investigated 
this strange behaviour: 
I want to implement a leave-n-out (lno) crossvalidation into a simple
backpropagation network. I looked at the CV-example but this is only 
partly what I want to do. So I decided to write a script-environment to
generate the different train and test environments. As a good starting 
point I took the fsa-script. }
So I set the COMP_FLAG to a certain pattern which I want to exclude 
from training. 

ev->patterns[0].flag[pat] = PatternSpec::COMP_FLAG;

And I wasn't happy to see that not the COMP_FLAG (16) was set
but the TARG_EXT_FLAG (4).

All in all it looks to me like there was a change to pattern-flags 
(more added) but not completely implemented (The documentation also 
mentiones less flags than available through the gui).

Please correct me, if I'm totally wrong.
(I have only little programming experiences and I am very new to 

Mathias Weigt