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Re: I can not load network files

NODA Itsuki <noda@etl.go.jp> writes:
>     (2) load a network.
>     	.projects->New(1) ;
> 	.projects[0].networks->New(1, Network);
> 	.projects[0].networks[0].Load("gen2.net") ;

The crash is caused by the projection spec in each projection pointing
to the wrong object after loading.  This is a bug, caused by the spec
objects being created during loading in a different order than when
the network was originally created.

In general, you should save the project that you created the network
in, because the project has specs that the network depends upon (not
to mention training processes, environments, etc).  So, do something
like this:


and then:


if you want to save different networks for a given project, then you
can do that, but also save and reload the project first, then load the

				- Randy