Matt V. Mollison, Ph.D.
Matt V. Mollison
matt.mollison [] gmail [] com

Research Interests

My interests are in learning and memory, particularly in describing the neurophysiological activity that manifests in the brain while forming new memories and retrieving them at a later point, with the overarching goal of understanding the cognitive processes involved. Some of my work has investigated the retrieval of information from memory, and shows that the recruitment of these memory processes and underlying neural activity depends on the type of information being remembered. More specifically, when we remember environmental stimuli, their physical features influence the involvement of recognition processes. This influence is perhaps related to the way in which the memory is initially encoded, a topic of more recent interest to me.

Education and Professional Experience

I received my Ph.D. in cognitive neuroscience working in Tim Curran's lab in the Department of Psychology and Neuroscience at the University of Colorado Boulder.

I was the lab manager and a research assistant at the University of Pennsylvania in Michael Kahana's Computational Memory Lab. I analyzed electrophysiological brain activity (ERPs and oscillatory analyses) in relation to behavior in a three-dimensional virtual environment, as well as cognitive function/behavior, particularly in relation to memory.